His, His & Hers

Hacking Modern Love

Coming Exhibition DDW 2018

TAC, Eindhoven

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL



Coming Open Talk Sep 12th

PechaKucha Amsterdam




Launch Exhibition  July 15th

MU, Eindhoven



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About His, His & Hers

There is something fundamentally wrong with the expectation that society will conform to norms, this is a positive thing, we should not allow ourselves to be stereotyped by those producing for us. Everyone is different and each of our lives are full of personal trials and tribulations, wants and needs, love and divorce. We are asking, as designers, why specifically love and relationships are so engineered by people with the power to engineer them? For example, the ever rapid acceptance of Tinder being considered a normal method of finding a relationship is an example of how our values to love have appropriated and modernized, yet the commodity of different loves has yet to keep up with this modernization. We believe that society is growing stale of the ideology that associates itself with traditional relationships, of course, this works for some or even most, but it is not something that should be considered for all. Our fight is against the standardization of the stereotype love.


Polyamorousness is a relationship between more than 2 people, a relationship not necessarily based on sex but on the love between the people involved. This project is an understanding and accentuation of that love which we as designers and lovers, design and questioning the needs for it.





Our project, ‘His, His & Hers’, is a byproduct of our time in the Netherlands. Having lived in a place that has embraced openness to the legality of relationships (the first country where single gender marriages were allowed) but yet also faces being a conservative country when it comes to family. We, as residents, have decided to exercise our right to tackle such questions of the nature of the ‘normal’ family and question what infrastructure exists or could exist for the unconventional relationship.


We are applying for the Starting Grant of Stimuleringsfonds to conduct 3search the first of a series of exhibitions and outcomes regarding our topic. After the success of the starting grant we hope to continue by applying for the Stimuleringfonds grant to develop our research and for future exhibitions that coincide with the continuity of our relationship.





The outcome will become a series of critical exhibitions that chronicalize the development of our relationship from dating to moving in to marriage and the problems thereafter. We are going to raise the topic of the increasing phenomena of polyamory whilst commenting on the absence of in/material infrastructure around it. We take our own relationship as a case-study, the details and experiences becomes apart of our research (3search) as well as contribution to the exhibition material, thereafter an archive.


We look for inspiration in the stereotyped “romance” of love and the portrayal of situations and scenarios based around the couple. The public is confined to the understanding that the world was built for two. Supermarkets selling in portions of two, banks offering joint bank accounts, a double room in a hotel, seats on a train, taxation benefits, sofas, toothbrush holders, the lack of a third end on a spaghetti.





The physicalization of our research in contrast is to provide a choice to people and change the nature of products that inhibit to products that preach the ideology of non-restriction. Working and collaborating with experts and artisans from different disciplines such as furniture manufacturers, jewelry makers, fashion designers, confectioners, legal practitioners and so on, we hope to create a new design niche and also open these experts to new range of clients.




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